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    The 19 Most Unexpected Plot Twists On The Internet

    Did not see that coming. Via Reddit's Unexpected subreddit.

    1. This curious mind.

    2. This activist.

    3. This casual chatter.

    4. This coffee lover.

    5. This charity mission.

    6. This thoughtful drinker.

    7. This translation.

    8. This believer of the 2nd Amendment.

    9. This newly single lady.

    10. This world traveler.

    11. This charmer.

    12. This onion.

    13. This frat dude.

    14. This ungrateful child.

    15. This straight edger.

    16. This massage n00b.

    17. This thoughtful pick-up line.

    18. This ex.

    19. This opinionated fellow.


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