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Undeniable Proof That Women Are Tougher Than Men

Go get your pubes waxed and then come talk to me.

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1. Because eyebrow threading isn't a frickin' joke.

2. And neither is waxing.

3. And razor burn is a terrible alternative.

4. Because high heels are awful for your feet.

5. Because flats destroy your heels.

6. Because it's entirely too easy to break your ankle while wearing platform shoes.

7. Because brushing knotty hair is a nightmare.

8. Because getting your hair done is a literal head ache.

9. Because long hair is just asking to get tangled in things.

10. Because most of our underwear makes for permanent wedgies.

11. Because high waisted shorts are adorable if you don't mind losing feeling in your frontal area.

12. Because bras are like tiny metal cages we wear over our boobies.

13. Because running with boobs is unfair.

14. And so is walking down stairs.

15. Because earrings hate ears.

16. Because rings are tiny nooses for your fingers.

18. Because annual pelvic exams.

19. Because MONTHLY cramps.


21. Because despite all of that, we still look damn good.

Your move, boys.

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