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    23 Tumblr Puns That Are So Good You Won't Know Whether to Laugh Or Cry

    These are all mental punishment.

    1. On aging pirates:

    2. On whale biology:

    3. On architecture:

    4. On physics:

    5. On marketing:

    6. On foreign languages:

    7. On Australians:

    8. On the afterlife:

    9. On firearms:

    10. On orthodontia:

    11. On political correctness:

    12. On flirting:

    13. On optometry:

    14. On mental health:

    15. On mathematics:

    16. On oral sex:

    17. On the passage of time:

    18. On meeting people:

    19. On the legend of Hua Mulan:

    20. On having a positive outlook:

    21. On astronomy:

    22. On criminals:

    23. And on the greatest bread puns to ever happen:

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