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    22 Tumblr Posts That Will Remind You Why Having Family Is The Best

    Things we should be thankful for this Thanksgiving: our weird families.

    1. Dad forgot to shave:

    2. Someone needs a nap:

    3. Stale chips:

    4. Heart of cold:

    5. Dad's new nickname:

    6. Fartless:

    7. Bath time:

    8. The Big D:

    9. Beaten by IKEA:

    10. Make me a sandwich:

    11. Why couldn't I have a brother:

    12. Dad's breakout joke:

    13. My only mistakes:

    14. Mom jokes > Dad jokes

    15. Dress-up party:

    16. Naughtree mind:

    17. Siblings:

    18. Draw!

    19. Dad sneezes:

    20. Supplies:

    21. Grandma olympics:

    22. A face a grandmother couldn't love:

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