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    24 Tumblr Posts Every Cat Owner Will Immediately Recognize

    cat: *touches me with its small hand* me: *eyes tearing up* thank you

    1. Cats will sit in anything:

    2. They'll destroy EVERYTHING:

    3. They run around like lunatics:

    4. And yet, everything they do is the cutest thing to ever happen:

    5. You can't help but straight up worship them:

    6. When other people say mean things about cats, it feels like treason:

    7. Because they're such adorable weirdos!!!

    8. Everything they do is 100 times funnier than when a human does it:

    9. Even when they're annoying, it's funny:

    10. They are perfect angels:


    12. Cats have two phases—hyperactive and completely passed out:

    13. Sometimes they make zero sense:

    14. Naming them can be a challenge:

    15. They like to do things their own way:

    16. They look good no matter what:

    17. Have I mentioned they're cute:

    18. And weird:

    19. Like, so so so weird:

    20. We are so blessed to have them:

    21. We must protect them:

    22. They are furry balls of wonder and light:

    © Corinne Wilger Photography 2015

    23. And they love us, even if they have a funny way of showing it:

    24. In conclusion:

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