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11 Trolly Christmas Gifts To Give Someone You Hate

Jingle trolls, jingle trolls, jingle all the way.

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1. A fancy new iPad:

2. A Frozen doll for your annoying little cousin:

3. Beats by Dre:

4. Splurge on Google Glass for your techie coworker:

5. Or a vintage Beatles album for your ~hip~ step brother:

6. The newest iPhone is a must have this season:

7. A Kindle for the book lover in your life:

Getty Images/iStockphoto dianazh

8. The latest edition of COD for your favorite gamer:

9. An Apple watch:

10. Blue tooth for your uncle who's always on the phone:

Yevgen_Lyashko / ThinkStock

11. If all else fails, give them a little money:

The best things at three price points