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16 Times Unnecessary Censorship Made Sports Dirty As Heck

Add a couple pixels and suddenly soccer is pornography. Via /r/unnecessarycensorship.

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1. When these wrestlers got into an innocent grapple:

2. When this champagne celebration happened:

3. When these soccer players got tangled up:

4. When this trainer was just doing his job:

5. When this football team celebrated their victory:

6. When these fighters tried to separate:

7. When these basketball players collided:

8. When these water polo players took a much needed break:

9. Whenever beach volleyball players embrace:

10. When this billboard captured a tender moment between teammates:

11. When this soccer player just needed a muscle rubbed:

12. When these soccer players narrowly avoided disaster:

13. When this fighter came out victorious:

14. When this pitcher "readjusted":

15. When this tackle happened:

16. And basically anything that's ever happened during wrestling:

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