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    23 Times Michelle Obama Looked Like Someone Ate Her Leftovers Without Asking


    1. "Seriously, dude?"

    2. "Had my name on there and everything."

    3. "Who sees a perfectly good carton of leftovers and thinks, 'Yeah, I'm sure no one will mind if I eat this'?"

    4. "Rude."

    5. "I was really looking forward to those leftovers, man."

    6. "What am I gonna eat now? Chips?"

    7. "I would never eat someone else's leftovers because I am a decent human being."

    8. "I bet it was Barack."

    9. "He was eyeing my meal at the restaurant, of course it was him."

    10. "Can't trust anyone these days."

    11. "Well I hope whoever ate them at least APPRECIATED them."

    12. "Yeah, you better have savored them. It's not everyday you have Outback Steakhouse lefties."

    13. "I just can't believe it."

    14. "I mean what kind of person."

    15. "It ain't right."

    16. "You could have at least asked and I would have shared them."

    17. "Now my tummy's grumbling and I've got nothing to eat."

    18. "It's just plain disrespectful, is what it is."

    19. "Do I have to buy myself a separate fridge? Is this what it's coming down to?"

    20. "People have no manners these days."

    21. "Wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong."

    22. "I mean, how can you sleep at night?"

    23. "Welp. Guess I'll make some ramen."