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21 Times Sarah Silverman Dropped Some Hard Truths

Sarah 4 prez.

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1. On socializing girls:

2. On a woman's right to choose:

3. On priorities:

4. On universal love:

If ur religion doesn't teach u to accept people who r dif than u than u should switch to science & love

5. On growing as a person:

6. On religion:

7. On perspective:

8. On values:

What if we raised our children to have values& empathy-not b/c of fear of God or a prize of heaven but just b/c it was right?

9. On equal rights:

10. On mental health:

11. On interfaith:

12. On the hot button issues:

Keep your filthy hands off my guns while I decide what you can & can't do with your uterus

13. On sexual liberation:

14. On practical problem solving:

15. On mind, body, and soul:

16. On self medicating:

17. On calling it like it is:

18. On being held accountable:

19. On the pay gap:

20. On existence:

21. On the importance of loving yourself:

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