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19 Times People Took Advantage Of Sweet, Innocent Pizza

Might I remind you, pizza is for EATING.

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1. When this pug wore an entire pizza as a saddle:

2. When this guy shoved four slices into his face at once for a Snapchat probably:

3. When someone dared to call this a pepperoni pizza:

4. When Chris Evans laughed right in pizza's face:

5. When someone defiled a pizza for a meme:

6. When this maniac went on a spree:

7. When this rat dragged a slice down the subway steps:

8. When this cat picked the wrong place to sit:

9. When this jokester ordered none pizza with left beef:

10. When Little Caesars couldn't care less:

11. When someone made this horror film:

12. When this little girl was faced with an impossible task, and pizza definitely got tossed in the trash after:

13. When someone used pizza as a cruel prank:

14. When someone made pizza into a patio:

15. When someone got a little crazy with the red pepper:

16. When someone forgot to tuck this sweet baby into a tray:

17. When this little guy got cooked a little longer than intended:

18. When a very drunk college student thought this was an appropriate pizza carrier:

19. And when this pizza died the most innocent death:

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