14 Grocery Aisles That Really Shouldn't Exist

    Maybe grocery shopping doesn't always have to suck.

    1. The bad parenting advice aisle:

    2. The aisle no one wants to see:

    3. The witch from Hansel and Gretel aisle:

    4. The I really like cereal aisle:

    5. The guy who just ran a marathon in Arizona aisle:

    6. The first-time parents aisle:

    7. The a little too literal aisle:

    8. The best things in life aisle:

    9. The no frills aisle:

    10. The Rihanna music video aisle:

    11. The I'm single aisle:

    12. The I'm VERY single aisle:

    13. The I hope you mean culinary school aisle:

    14. And the cliffhanger aisle: