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23 Times D.W. Was The Realest Bitch Who Ever Lived

Arthur was just a bunch of lame aardvarks singing about the library without Dora Winifred.

1. When she asked the hard questions:

2. When she wasn't afraid to call bullshit on Arthur's lies:

3. When she got a taste of the good life:

4. When her priorities were on point:

5. When she was like, "Nature is overrated, y'all":

6. When she put her needs first:

7. When she made this face:

8. When she didn't take shit from anyone:

9. When she put this feeling into words:

10. When she brought guilt to the next level:

11. When she made herself clear:

12. When she executed this perfect side-eye:

13. When she had an A+ backup plan:

14. When she proved she was industrious AF:

15. When she wan't afraid to live large:

16. When she reminded everyone of her place in life:

17. When she found out the hard way it's lonely at the top:

18. When she was too quick for mama's TRICKS:

19. When she spoke the goddamn truth:

20. When she was wise beyond her years:

21. When she had the confidence level we all strive for:

22. When her pity party was on point:

23. And when she dropped this truth bomb: