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This Is How That Iconic Spinning Shot In "Titanic" Was Filmed

It's not as techy as it looks.

Remember the Titanic?

Remember the movie Titanic?

OK, remember in Titanic when Rose parties with the ~common folk~?

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Rich girls can drink too I guess is the moral of the story (???).

During that scene, there's an iconic shot of Rose and Jack spinning and everything in the background blurs together like they're the only two people in the world.

So much romance. It's almost like something terrible is about to happen to ground us back in reality...

ANYWAY, ever wonder how they got that shot?

I guess I sorta assumed the actors were holding onto a mounted spinning camera.

Or maybe it was some type of proto–selfie stick situation?

Anyway, THIS is how they filmed that:

Hollywood is so high-tech.