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This Is How That Iconic Spinning Shot In "Titanic" Was Filmed

It's not as techy as it looks.

Remember the Titanic?

Of course you don't! You weren't alive! Unless you're Millvina Dean and the year is 2009, in which case, my sincerest apologies, Ms. Dean.

Remember the movie Titanic?

Paramount Pictures

Of course you do! You were legally required to watch it in the ’90s, along with PSAs about drugs and your brain.

OK, remember in Titanic when Rose parties with the ~common folk~?

View this video on YouTube

Rich girls can drink too I guess is the moral of the story (???).

During that scene, there's an iconic shot of Rose and Jack spinning and everything in the background blurs together like they're the only two people in the world. / Via Paramount Pictures

So much romance. It's almost like something terrible is about to happen to ground us back in reality... / Via Paramount Pictures

ANYWAY, ever wonder how they got that shot? / Via TNT

’Cause same.

I guess I sorta assumed the actors were holding onto a mounted spinning camera.

Erin Chack / Photoshop kween

IS THAT INSANE? I didn't go to film school.

Or maybe it was some type of proto–selfie stick situation?

Erin Chack / how is this not in a museum

IDK, you guys!

Anyway, THIS is how they filmed that: / Via Paramount Pictures

It's just some dude* running in circles with a handheld! I hate myself for overthinking this!

*Probably director James Cameron, but it's too hard for my elderly eyes to tell for sure.

Hollywood is so high-tech. / Via Broadway Video Production
  1. COOL, right???

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COOL, right???
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    Doth tho receiveth coin in exchange for this inane observation?
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    Indeed! Enlightening.

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