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    This Farewell Jeter Commercial Will Make Grown Adults Cry Like Little Tiny Babies

    Yeah, I'm going to need a Gatorade after watching this commercial to rehydrate from all the ugly crying.

    Gatorade released a commercial saying farewell to Yankee captain Derek Jeter, who will be playing his final game this month.

    View this video on YouTube / Via Gatorade

    The commercial is set to Frank Sinatra's "My Way" because Gatorade wants to rip your still-beating heart directly out of your chest. / Via Gatorade

    It features the captain walking through the Bronx and greeting unsuspecting fans on his way to Yankee Stadium, like the classy guy he is. / Via Gatorade

    It's an incredibly touching tribute to his legacy, even if it is sponsored content. / Via Gatorade

    Hopefully this is the last emotional dedication to Jeter because I'm running out of mascara to cry off. / Via Gatorade