This Dude Has A 14-Inch Butt Hair So People Think He’s A God

Holy shit. Via RocketNews24 and Barcroft TV.

1. This is Chandre Oraon.

He is from West Bengal, India.

2. This is Chandre Oraon’s butt hair.

It is also from West Bengal, India.

3. As you can see, his butt hair is quite long.

How long is it, you might be wondering. Glad you asked.

4. His butt hair is 14 inches long.

I’m being conservative here. For your sake. You’re welcome.

5. Some people think that his unusually long butt hair means he is the reincarnation of the Hindu god Hanuman.


See the resemblance?

6. So people travel for miles to come see him and get his blessing.

I wonder if he heals people by tickling the ailment with his butt hair. That’s how I would do it.

7. His wife seems generally underwhelmed by his demigod status.

WOMEN, RIGHT?! (No, wrong. I’m kidding, obviously.)

8. Watch all the butt hair shenanigans here:

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