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17 Things You'll Only See In New Jersey

NJ all day.

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1. A Clerks-quoting diner:

2. A sarcastic zoo sign:

3. A guy lint-rolling his Mercedes:

4. A very real health risk:


5. An emergency can of hairspray in a public bathroom:

6. An offer you can't refuse:

7. A slice of pizza the size of a newborn:

8. An efficient highway U-turn:


9. A very practical highway sign:


10. A crime involving deli products:

11. A gas station attendant with a better sense of humor than you:

12. Truly inspired graffiti:


13. A WaWa that bullies you:

14. A descriptive road hazard:

15. An inspirational prison-themed bumper sticker:

16. A pork roll, egg, and cheese sandwich with a view:

17. And a classy beach advertisement at Seaside: