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15 Things You Can't Do Right After You Get Your Nose Pierced

There are so many little things you able-nosed people take for granted.

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1. Can't sleep on your face.

Which is the only good way to sleep, let's be honest.

2. Can't blow your nose in a satisfying way.

Who knows how much snot is up there?

3. Can't thoroughly wash your face.

Can't get kicked in the back either probably.

4. Can't sneeze without fear of disaster.


5. Can't pick your nose.

Ah gad, shut up, we all do it.

6. Can't yawn real big.

My brain is already so deprived of oxygen.

7. Can't make out with people.


8. Can't rub your face to express your exasperation to your peers.

I guess I'll just have to verbally tell them how exhausting I find them.

9. Can't get the love and support of your parents.

"Parents just don't understand." —Erin Chack, 2015.

10. Can't flare your nostrils for dramatic effect.

Hey, sometimes you just gotta punctuate a snarky remark with a little nostril flare.

11. Can't eskimo kiss.

Actually I'm glad I can't do this, this sucks.

12. Can't bang your face against the wall.


13. Can't get a pie in the face.

Ughhh, but that's my favorite.

14. Can't get in fights with ducks.

Even though ducks have it comin'.

15. Can't do whatever the heck this is:

I had no idea such a tiny piece of metal would impact my life so intensely.

But you CAN look fly as heck. / Via

Awwwwwww yeah.

Thumbnail image: IPGGutenbergUKLtd / ThinkStock

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