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    Nov 12, 2016

    16 Things That Will Always Be True

    Everything is crazy and nothing makes sense, but these things are still true.

    1. There's nothing worse than when books have movie covers:

    2. The only way to spell Wednesday is to sound it out like this: / Via Slack

    3. Hearing your own voice on a recording is horrific: / Via NBC

    4. Drinks taste better out of a glass bottle:

    5. It's impossible to remember the names of people you just met:

    What they say: Hi I'm Brandon. This is Liz and Steven. What I remember: Hi I'm BLERPBLAP. This is GLAUNGH and CRAIG or maybe GREG.

    6. This isn't food:

    7. The only arguments you win are the ones you have inside your head in the shower hours after they happen: / Via FOX

    8. It's impossible to talk to dogs and babies in a normal voice:

    9. The best way to sleep is sticking one foot out of the covers* to regulate your body heat: / Via

    *But not over the edge of the bed, where a monster could get it.

    10. It's impossible to plug a USB in right the first time:

    11. This is the ugliest you'll ever feel:

    12. Gatorade tastes better out of this bottle:

    13. Diagonally cut sandwiches taste the best:

    14. Peeling glue off your hand was the best part of elementary school:

    15. The Spotify "Private Session" is just for listening to your most embarrassing songs:

    Rega Jha

    16. And puppies make everything better:

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