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29 Things The U.K. Does That The U.S. Needs To Start Doing

Get it together, America.

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3. Incorporating Yorkshire pudding in our dinners.

They're little savory dough cups to fill with gravy and food before shoving into your mouth-hole. We've been eating dinner wrong this whole time.


10. The ability to buy alcohol at any hour of the night.

Twenty-four hour newsagent = twenty-four hour beers. In some parts of our great nation you can't get a beer after 9 p.m. Nine! P.M.!

12. Lax open-container laws.

Imagine a world where you can chug a beer on the subway, sip a cider on the street, or knock back a bottle of merlot in the park. That magical kingdom exists, you guys. The United Kingdom.


14. Using a coin system that makes sense.

The only coin in U.S. currency inscribed with a numerical amount is the nickel, and it literally says the words "five cents." How unhelpful is that to the illiterate or tourists? Or illiterate tourists!



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