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22 Things That Got Reincarnated Into Other Things

Things on things, y'all.

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1. This dental equipment looks like a water buffalo.

2. This pepper looks like an angry toad:

3. This ice is a creepy woman:

4. This tree was once a mighty dragon:

5. There's a shark in the sky:

6. This cactus looks like a man:

7. This steering wheel looks like Yoshi:

8. This mop is an angry baboon:

9. This grapefruit pulp looks like a fly:

10. This fence looks like a cow:

11. This rock is definitely an elephant:

12. These flowers look like monkeys:

13. And these ones look like ducks:

14. There's a man's face in the clouds:

15. This cracked windshield looks like a bird:

16. These berries are a pair of boobies:

17. This metal part is a cute lil' fennec fox:

18. There's a dog trapped in this wood:

19. And a giraffe in this grape:

20. This tree trunk totally looks like a rabbit:

21. There's a weasel in this table:

22. And this shadow is a perfect cat:

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