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19 Things People Who Are Always Cold Understand

Shiver me timbers.

1. It doesn't matter if it's 80 degrees outside, you are always freezing.

2. Layering up is futile. You're so cold it seems to come from inside you.

3. This is you at work:

If you look closely, there is a woman at her desk in this picture.

4. This is you at the beach:

5. This is you at any place that has the air-conditioning on full blast:

6. Cold toilet seats are your natural-born enemy.

7. And getting into the shower every morning feels like the worst thing that's ever happened to you.

8. No one wants to hold your handsicles.

9. And no one wants your frozen tootsies to brush up against them in bed.

10. You live a solitary, frozen existence that few understand.

11. When everyone starts getting excited for sweater weather you're in the corner crying.

12. And when winter inevitably comes you just sit around patiently waiting for it to be warm enough for you to leave the house again.

13. You would live under blankets if it were feasible.

14. Sometimes you order a coffee just so your hands will have something warm to hold onto.

15. Fingerless gloves are an indoor accessory for you.

16. People ask you why you're always cold, but you don't have much to say.

17. And when they insist you dress warmer you're like, "You obviously don't get it, warm-blood."

18. Because it doesn't matter if you wear 10 sweaters while sitting under a heat lamp in Ecuador, you're a shivering, frigid ice-person. Always.

19. But hey! At least your beer never gets warm in your hand.