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23 Things NYC Skateboarders Love

Besides skateboarding in NYC. That's a given.

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2. Chinatown $1 dumpling deals.

4. When bodegas sell 2-for-1 Arizona tall cans.

5. Bombing the Williamsburg Bridge.

Note to non-skaters: this is not what it sounds like.

6. Free food nights at House Of Vans.

7. Being selectively illiterate.

"No skateboard."

8. The way New York looks in VX footage.

Alien Workshop / Via

9. Celebrating Harold Hunter Day like it's a national holiday.

(It should be).

10. Skating all day and then ending up at an art show at night.

(If there's free beer).

11. Early Sunday morning sessions at Chelsea.

12. Steve R.

Where would we be without this dude?

13. Surviving for days on dollar slices.

14. And washing them down with dollar waters from the skatepark.

15. Running into NYC legends like it ain't no thang.

16. The ground at Tompkins Square Park.

17. Both Quartersnacks and actual snacks that cost quarters.

18. Slappys on the best curbs in the universe.

19. Cooling down with shaved ice from a cart in the summer.

Jason Larn / Via

20. Oh yeah, summer in general.

21. Inevitably having to say goodbye to OG spots...

22. ...but creating new ones all the time.

23. And literally everything about this photo: