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    18 Things Women With A Light Period Will Never Understand

    Heavy flow warriors 'til we die. Or, like, hit menopause.

    1. First of all, the only tampons that can handle our flow are the size of tree trunks:

    2. And menstrual cups are great! But with a heavy flow, sometimes our cup ~runneth over~:

    3. Which means we often have to use backup. BIG backup:

    4. Basically, every trip to the bathroom is an emergency:

    5. When women are like "I only use light tampons, tee-hee!!!" we're like:

    6. Same for women who have three-day periods:

    7. Because every month we experience a flood of biblical proportions: / Via United Artists

    8. Which leaves us wondering how we haven't fainted or, you know, withered up and died:


    9. The day it starts is the worst day, because it means you're about to get strapped into a five-day log flume ride on Blood River:

    10. Psych!!! The second day is the actual worst day, because that's when Satan really throws open the tap on your uterus:

    11. You have to dress in all black, just to be safe. Leaks are VERY REAL when you have a heavy period:

    12. And sleeping! Remember sleeping? On a heavy flow you sometimes have to set an alarm for 2 a.m. to change or you'll wake up in the morning like this:

    13. It's basically a week of lying in a puddle of your own blood and tears:

    14. Just leaving the house is a struggle:

    15. And sometimes it feels like venturing out in public should require a warning label:

    16. Either way, surviving the monthly typhoon is an ACCOMPLISHMENT:

    I like to discuss my heavy flow on first dates, so men know that I'm fertile.

    17. It takes a strong-ass person to survive a heavy period. And it happens πŸ‘ every πŸ‘ single πŸ‘ month!

    18. Never forget the words of our patron saint: / Via Paramount Pictures

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