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19 Of The Most Savage Things Teachers Have Ever Done

So savage.

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1. The teacher who has a specific file for late assignments:

2. The teacher who lets you borrow a pen so embarrassing that you'll never forget yours again:

3. The teacher who Rick Rolled his students with a fake "Final Exam — Answers" link:

4. The teacher who cannot stomach Comic Sans:

5. The teacher who is sick of watching kids swap spit in the hallway:

6. The teacher with the impossible-to-lose hall pass:

7. The teachers who knew exactly how to return a confiscated phone:

8. The music teacher who is so, so tired of "Chopsticks":

9. The teacher who has seen one too many assignments go missing:

10. The teacher who is suspicious of this eloquent child:

11. The teacher who knows intimidation is a wonderful tool:

12. The teacher whose doodles will save the world:

13. The teacher who reminds students where they came from:

14. The teacher with an "open door" policy:

15. The teacher who has no time for idiocy:

16. The teacher who knows how to get eyes on an email:

17. The teacher who won't let simple quiz mistakes slide:

18. The teacher who has no patience for casual appointments:

19. And the teacher who REALLY WENT FOR IT:

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