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The 28 Most New Jersey Things To Ever Happen

"Yeah, screw you too."

1. This baby-sized slice of 'za.

Level of Jersey: Complaining about BENNYs at the shore but partying in NYC on the weekends.

2. This emergency can of hairspray in a restaurant bathroom.

Level of Jersey: Going to a bachelorette party in Atlantic City more than once a month.

3. This realistic benefactor.

Level of Jersey: Spotting a Real Housewife of New Jersey cast member at a Houston's.

4. This gas station attendant who takes his job very seriously.

Level of Jersey: Asking someone at a gas station, "Wait, so do I pay first or pump first?" anytime you leave the state.

5. This NJ Transit commuter who's just trying to pass the time between transfers.

6. The names of these stuffed sandwiches.

7. This tough love sign:

Level of Jersey: Getting into arguments over whether it's called Taylor ham or pork roll.

8. This old-school NJ vanity plate that's dripping with snark.

9. These creative Wildwood residents who aren't going to a let a little thing like disability keep them off the boardwalk.

10. This gentle reminder to please drive carefully.

11. This tweet from The Post.

Gov. Christie signs 'Tan Mom' law, banning children from tanning beds

New York Post


Gov. Christie signs 'Tan Mom' law, banning children from tanning beds

/ Via

Level of Jersey: Fist pumping at a bar in Hoboken as a form of self-parody, but then secretly enjoying it.

12. This hairdresser's clever marketing technique.

13. This organized crime.

Level of Jersey: Feeling differently about Christie after Sandy, but not admitting it out loud.

14. This girl wearing a top bun holding Taylor ham, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel with her fresh mani.

15. This New York Times headline that sounds like an episode from The Sopranos.

Flickr / Paul Lowry / Via Flickr: 10039026@N03

Level of Jersey: Ordering disco fries at 2 a.m.

16. This creative graffiti artist.

Twitter: @AlexDChris93

Level of Jersey: Surfing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter without ever having to leave NJ.

17. This tweet from Kal Penn, who plays Kumar in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

Just heard someone use "Happy Mothers Day" as an insult, "Oh yeah? Happy Muthuz Day yuh so reedickylis YA AWFULL PERSON"#OnlyInNJ #NJ4Life

Kal Penn


Just heard someone use "Happy Mothers Day" as an insult, "Oh yeah? Happy Muthuz Day yuh so reedickylis YA AWFULL PERSON"#OnlyInNJ #NJ4Life

/ Via

Level of Jersey: Having more than one friend with a house on LBI.

18. This guy lint rolling his Mercedes. / Via

Level of Jersey: Griping about Newark Airport but never considering flying out of JFK.

19. These unbelievable tweets from

Level of Jersey: Meeting someone from New Jersey and asking them "What exit?"

20. This sign that seems like a bit of a non sequitur.

Level of Jersey: Never really growing out of your Bon Jovi crush.

21. This rightful punishment.

Level of Jersey: Keeping a mental list of every celebrity that was born in NJ.

22. This unfortunate health risk. / Via

Level of Jersey: Feeling oddly proud that Camden, N.J., is often cited as one of the most dangerous cities in the nation.

23. Apparently being the only state that celebrates Mischief Night.

Level of Jersey: Knowing it's also called Cabbage Night or Gate Night, and waiting all year for it.

24. These shore residents that had strong feelings toward Jersey Shore.

Level of Jersey: Vehemently reminding people that the only original cast member of Jersey Shore who's actually from NJ was Sammi Sweetheart, and she was arguably the least insane.

25. This diner that's committed to its business, even in the midst of a natural disaster. / Via

Level of Jersey: Doing everything in your power to avoid the Parkway between the months of June to August.

26. This touching tribute to the late James Gandolfini from the "Bada Bing" strip club.

27. This person who didn't forget the meaning of "neighborhood" during Superstorm Sandy.

Level of Jersey: Seeing Jersey Boys on Broadway and giving it a standing ovation.

28. And this accurate T-shirt: / Via

Level of Jersey: Generally not giving a fuck.

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