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The Most Monday Things To Happen In 2015

There were 52 Mondays in 2015. These people felt every single one of them.

1. The person who probably wishes they used the bathroom before coming into this room.

2. The person who has no patience for irony.

3. The person who should have had a coffee instead.

4. The sad soul who is tearing his house apart looking for this:

5. The guy who is definitely not making it to work on time.

6. The girl who accidentally dropped her last clean pair of underwear in the toilet.

7. The woman who won't be having breakfast today.

8. The guy who just wanted to celebrate Bastille Day.

9. The policeman who drove around all day with electrical tape obscuring his identity.

10. The line painter who might have overdone it.

11. The college kid who made a great first impression on move-in day.

12. The guys who accidentally made the world's biggest omelet.

13. The workers who are gonna have some repaving to do.

14. The girl who managed to hit the only obstacle in the entire parking lot.

15. And the man whose paint truck exploded.

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