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23 Lines From "SpongeBob SquarePants" That Never Get Old

"Am I a pretty girl?"

1. When SpongeBob nailed the art of heightening:

2. When the residents of Bikini Bottom all came together for a common purpose:

3. When SpongeBob knew the right words to say:

4. When Squidward had an identity crisis:

5. When SpongeBob really got the punchline:

6. When SpongeBob proved he was the most pure of heart:

7. When SpongeBob felt the crushing weight of his misfortune:

8. When this fish stayed positive:

9. When SpongeBob paid homage to Squidward:

10. When Squidward didn't hold back:

11. When Patrick's estimation wasn't technically wrong:

12. When Man Ray met his match:

13. When SpongeBob found himself in the most horrifying place on Earth:

14. When SpongeBob stuck up for Squidward:

15. When Patrick had a legitimate reason to be angry:

16. When Patrick said what we were all thinking:

17. When Patrick was sweeping with the wrong end of the broom:

18. When SpongeBob got that creepy feeling:

19. When SpongeBob found out the truth:

20. When a bully came to boating school:

21. When we saw the depth of SpongeBob and Patrick's friendship:

22. When Patrick was the dimmest thing in the room:

23. When Patrick took it to the extreme: