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The Most Confusing Emojis Defined

It's not pray hands OR high five hands, you guys. All definitions are sourced from Emojipedia, the unofficial emoji bible.

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3. Face With Look of Triumph:

What you thought it meant: FUMING mad. Angry. Pissed off. Or someone who just climbed a large flight of stairs.

What it actually means: According to Emojipedia, this is supposed to be an expression of triumph after great frustration, which is both incredibly specific and not how it's ever been used.


5. Face With OK Gesture:

What you thought it meant: "I have no idea what's going on but I like it." "I am acting so silly today." "Please check my pits for sweat stains." "The roof is leaking in here." "I am a beautiful ballerina." This is the most vague emoji to ever exist.

What it actually means: This is the full body version of the "OK hand 👌" emoji. It just means "OK." That's all it means.

7. Person Bowing Deeply:

What you thought it meant: An oopsie! face. Or a person doing push-ups.

What it actually means: This is the Japanese dogeza, a bow meant to express deep and solemn deference to a person of high status. The dogeza requires the bower to get on their knees and touch their forehead to the floor.


13. Trident:

What you thought it meant: A cool military badge maybe? Or the Mockingjay pin from Hunger Games.

What it actually means: It's apparently just a trident, like the one Neptune wields, although I think tridents were pretty clear about only having three points when they called themselves TRI-dents.


19. Postal Horn:

What you thought it meant: To make an announcement, to indicate you are indeed "tooting your own horn," to tell someone to kindly blow it our their ass.

What it actually means: This is not just any old horn, this is an 18th-century postal horn, which was used to announce mail deliveries in villages. That means the "building with the horn 🏤" emoji is a post office, not a concert hall.