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Nov 7, 2014

21 Of The Most Concerning Spelling Mistakes Of All Time

These kids' spelling is truly whoreable.

1. Sally is still working on dealing with her passive aggression.

2. And that was the last time the students ever saw Mrs. Edwards.

3. Her parents immediately threw out every frying pan in the house.

4. Christmas never came that year.

5. Mr. Brown sighed. "If only I had that kind of confidence," he thought to himself as one of his four cats rubbed up against his leg.

6. His mom, at the very least, respected his bluntness.

7. All field trips were cancelled indefinitely.

8. Natalie was sent straight to the school nurse.

9. The teacher had trouble visiting the zoo after that. "The trunks," he whispered. "How they swing..."

10. "Science class is cancelled forever," the teacher announced.

11. That's when 72-year-old Mrs. Simmons decided it was time to retire.

12. Banking would never be the same for Mr. Smith.

13. "Suspicious," thought the babysitter. "Veeery suspicious."

14. The next day, students attended the "When You're Emotionally Ready To Brosh" seminar.

15. "No," breathed the teacher. "No you most certainly do not." An antique brass oil lamp shuddered on the edge of his desk.

16. For the rest of their lives Anna and Elsa hated surprises.

17. And that's when Billy realized he accidentally watched the wrong Toy Story.

18. "You've really put me in a hard position here," the teacher thought to herself. "You're not not right."

19. Mr. Moody instantly regretted his lesson on Greek tragedies.

20. "PENS!" Miss Howard's screams bounced around the walls of her solitary confinement chamber. "I SAID PEEEEEEEEEEEENS."

21. This one isn't inappropriate, but it's my favorite: / Via

Our nation's most fearless leader, President April Ham Lincoln.

A+ indeed, young one. A+ indeed.

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