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35 Of The Most Concerning Autocorrect Fails Of All Time

Time to burn our smartphones. NSFW language.

1. Hot in hurr.

2. She's dead serious.

3. That emoticon was no help.

4. There will be no second date.

5. They're replaceable?

6. Nothing to see here.

7. That'll happen.

8. What a boob.

9. Mom's a trooper.

10. He sounds like a questionable seaman.

11. No thanks, you can keep it.

12. Save me some dark meat.

13. They're getting carried away with these paint color names.

14. Did you remember the coke?

15. Maybe we should eat out instead.

16. Suuure you did.

17. First dates are killer.

18. How about I find my own house instead.

19. What are friends for?

20. How about coq au vin instead?

21. Strictly business.

22. Safe keeping.

23. Well it sure does smell.

24. Great news!!!

25. Lost my appetite.

26. Hairy situation.

27. Till death do us part.

28. TMI.

29. Serves her right.

30. Mom?

31. Shed some light on the issue.

32. No. 2?

33. She always does such a good job.

34. That's the money shot.

35. You can always count on Tina.