The Great M&M Depression Of The 1980s

The ’80s were a real low point for the M&M.

1. These are the M&M’s we know and love:

Delightfully chromatic pieces of chocolate joy.

2. But did you know that in the 1980s, M&M’s had a different look?

8. BUT THAT’S IT. Which means that M&M’s looked something like THIS* in the 1980s:

*Minus the reds, if you can even imagine a more dreary combination of candy-coated sadness.

9. Thankfully, someone realized that spiraling into a Thanksgiving-hued vortex of despair isn’t what you want when you tear open a bag of M&M’s.


So they nixed the tans, reintroduced the reds, and added blue.

10. And everything was right with the world.


Never change, M&M’s!

11. But HOLD UP. Why would they ever discontinue purple?

12. They should FOR DEFINITELY bring these babies back!

(But they can keep the tans…yeeck).

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