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22 Of The Funniest Animal Voiceover Vines Known To Man

Honestly even if you don't deserve it you should watch these Vines.

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1. I've got a girlfriend:

2. Nighttime, daytime:

3. Whitney Slothston:

4. Hey:

5. Obama cat:

6. Scaredy cat:

7. Don't even want your banana:

8. When you eat too fast:

9. Rapping goldfish:

10. You want a treat?:

11. Beatboxing goat:

12. Hey little mama let me whisper in your ear:

13. Did you just touch me?:

14. What a beautiful day it is today:

15. Gracious squirrel:

16. Rule number one of being bullied:

17. Look at me when I'm talking to you:

18. Can we just talk?:

19. When your team is winning:

20. Gimme my cup:

21. Scare cam:

22. He liked my pic on Instagram: