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The Best Of The Internet's Response To The Fifth Olympic Ring Not Opening

The minor technical hiccup during Sochi's opening ceremony set the internet ablaze with jokes. Because internet.

During the opening ceremony for the Sochi Winter Olympic Games, mechanical snowflakes rose toward the sky and bloomed to create the Olympic rings, except for one:

1. The "file not found":

2. The Internet Explorer:

3. The lag:

4. The political dig:

5. The reemergence of this prophetic Criminal Chalkist street art:

6. The reemergence of this even more prophetic 1984 Sports Illustrated cover:

7. The Wrecking Ball, of course:

8. The buffer:

9. The BP:

10. The obligatory (and let's be honest, slightly overdone) "you had one job":

11. The "Putin's a tight wad":

12. The Bob Costas:

The fifth ring that didn't open is just a tribute to Bob Costas's eye.

13. The Huffington Post burn:

New Sochi splash: http://t.co/smb4tpROpx

14. And—the best one of all—the self parody: