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The 28 Funniest Notes Written By Kids In 2013

The future leaders of America are starting out on the right tiny foot.

1. Kids in 2013 weren't afraid to dream big.

2. They took a good hard look in the mirror and confronted themselves.

3. They lived in the moment like tiny zen masters.

4. They were deeply philosophical.

5. And brutally honest with each other.

6. They made sure their voices were heard, no matter how controversial the opinion.

7. They humbly accepted their shortcomings.

8. There were great Thanksgivings.

9. And moments of pure poetic enchantment.

10. They learned from generations before them and made informed decisions.

11. They self-evaluated without hesitation.

12. They gave credit where credit was due.

13. They were open to new experiences.

14. They cast no judgment on those around them.

15. But they weren't afraid to speak their minds to draconian babysitters.

16. They innovated.

17. Their ambition knew no limits.

18. They were upfront and unafraid.

19. They put on no airs.

20. Their loyalty was admirable.

21. They respected their elders.

22. They were pragmatic.

23. And full of great advice.

24. They learned from their mistakes.

25. And they cautioned others not to make mistakes of their own.

26. We could learn a thing or two from their fortitude.

27. And their strong moral fiber.

28. Because after all, they're not too proud to learn from us.