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    22 Surprising Pieces Of Trivia About "South Park"

    The show holds what is probably the greatest Guinness World Record ever.

    1. The original pilot was made by stop-motion animating cut paper. Every episode thereafter was computer animated.

    2. Kyle's hair is modeled after Matt Stone's self-proclaimed "Jew fro."

    3. Trey Parker ad-libs most of Cartman's lines. He's admitted that Cartman is his favorite character.

    4. Cartman was dreamed up when Stone and Parker wondered how they could revive a misogynistic, racist character like Archie Bunker in this day and age. By making him eight years old, of course.

    5. Terrence and Phillip were created in response to criticism that South Park was "nothing but bad animation and fart jokes."

    6. In the original unaired pilot, Stone and Parker used the pseudonyms Tupac Schwartz and M.C. Goldstein in the credits.

    7. Mr. Garison's first name is Herbert. Ms. Garison's first name is Janet.

    8. In the first season's theme song, Kenny sings "I like girls with big vaginas / I like girls with big fat titties," but because of his muffled voice it was never censored.

    9. There is either a mention of or an appearance by a celebrity in every episode to date.

    10. Celebrities are rarely allowed to play themselves or even a "normal" character. For instance, when George Clooney lent his voice for an episode he played a homosexual dog.

    11. There's a running theme throughout the series that one character dresses up like Chewbacca every Halloween special.

    12. The infamous bass-heavy theme song is performed by the band Primus.

    13. South Park holds a Guinness World Record for "Most Swearing in an Animated Series."

    14. Stone creates Kenny's muffled voice by speaking into his hand or sleeve. All of Kenny's lines are scripted, even if they are impossible to decipher.

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    15. There's an alien hidden in many episodes.

    16. Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo was inspired from Parker's childhood bad habit of forgetting to flush the toilet.

    17. Cartman's promiscuous mom Liane was named after an ex-fiancee of Parker's, whom he caught cheating.

    18. Chef was based on an actual dining hall employee Parker and Stone met while studying at University of Colorado.

    19. Kenny has died over 80 times to date.

    20. Stan's family borrowed their names from Parker's real life family. Kyle's family, from Stone's.

    21. Butters' real name is Leopold Scotch.

    22. Unlike other animated shows that are created months before their air date, South Park often reflects current events since the show is put together in a matter of days.