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This Vine Of A Crying Cat Is So Relatable

Tryna hold back the tears but life is too much.

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1. When you see an old man eating alone in a restaurant:

2. When you think about your childhood pet:

3. When you watch What Dreams May Come on your period:

4. When you see an Instagram of your friends getting Orange Julius without you:

5. When you get home from work and your roommate ate your leftovers:

6. When you watch a YouTube vid of a dog being reunited with his long-lost human:

7. When you listen to a song that reminds you of your eighth-grade best friend whom you never speak to anymore:

8. When you already got all cozy in bed and you realize you have to pee:

9. When someone at work asks what you did over the weekend and all you did was watch Netflix for two straight days:

10. When your crush posts a pic with his mouth on someone who is not you:

11. When life is just too much: