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Sit Down, Child — Watch These Slime Videos And Relax With Me

So slimey so good so slimey so good so slimeyyy.

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1. Watch these rainbow strings quiver.

Instagram: @twinkslimes

2. Listen to the soft "yup" sound this slime makes when it's poked.

Instagram: @slime_city_bitch_

3. Can you even stand how this bubble slime crackles?

Instagram: @rad

7. Imagine popping those air bubbles? Bliss.

Instagram: @rusu

10. Have your eyes ever beheld a more satisfying transformation.

Instagram: @theslimeyshop

13. 🎶 When two become oneee 🎶.

Instagram: @slay

14. This one just gets better and better.

Instagram: @slimedujour

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