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35 Signs You Miss Your Sorority

Sisters may be for life, but you're only together for four years.

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1. You wish you could rock an XL T-shirt and shorts every day at work.

2. You still get the urge to craft sorority swag.

Even though you clearly have enough.

3. You can recite the Greek alphabet.

4. This is your go-to movie when you miss your sisters.

5. And when you're desperate, you re-read the book.

6. This is your reaction when people say you paid for your friends:

7. You can't resist getting anything with your sorority symbol on it.

8. This still holds true:

9. You're guilty of this:

10. But, seriously, this is your best look.

The Skinny Arm is your go-to.

11. You know the difference between these:

12. You never stop reminding people which celebrity was a member of your sorority.

Elizabeth Banks is a Tri-Delt for life!

You know Lucy Liu rocks the Chi-O owl.

Condi is forever an Alpha Chi Omega girl.

13. You loved your philanthropy and you still volunteer for the cause.

14. You find ways to apply what you learned in your sorority to your day-to-day life.

You still sink island cups on celeb shots like it's your job.

15. You refuse to throw away your old formal dresses.

On the off-chance you'll be asked to chaperone.

16. You are always finding new uses for your old sorority shirts.

17. After a few glasses of wine you start singing your old pledge song.

18. You actually look forward to getting your monthly newsletter.

19. Whenever you meet a new sister, you bust out the secret handshake.

Instant best friends!

20. You can hardly remember your bank account number but you'll never forget your chapter's history.

21. All of your bridesmaids were your sorority sisters.

And you told them in college they were going to be.

22. You're always trying to get celebrities to throw your sorority symbol.

Macklemore loves getting "kited."

Aaron Carter reps AXO.

Tim Tebow plays for Delta Gamma now.

23. You keep a photo like this framed on your desk at work.

Photo: Que Nguyen

And you never thought twice about the absurdity of posing around giant letters in public.

24. If you see your sorority animal, you have to take a picture with it.

Photo: Liz Stark

25. After all this time, you still feel uncomfortable around girls from your rival sorority.

26. Now engagement announcements seem boring compared with a candle pass.

27. You really wish you could trade your board meetings for chapter meetings.

Especially on casual chapter nights.

28. All your friends are having babies, but these girls will always be your "babies":

There's nothing like the excitement of bid day!

29. You prefer your sorority big sister to your actual big sister.

30. You miss your complicated sorority family, even if you could barely keep track of them.

31. Sure, you love your new apartment, but this will forever be the best place you ever lived:

32. Sometimes you wear your sorority colors when you're feeling particularly nostalgic.

33. Sorority alumni events are the highlight of your weekends.

Thousands of miles from your school and you're still making friends through your sorority!

34. When all else fails, you throw what you know.

Relax, grandma. They're not gang signs.

35. And you know even after all this time, you'll always be sisters for life.

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