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    19 Sign Fails That Are Too Perfect For Words

    Haha, I WILL eat nasty, thank you very much.

    1. Hey, what would you call a society that depends on a depleting fuel source?

    2. So, you clean the rooms every day? What do they smell like?

    3. Excuse me, would you say this is a particularly tasty buffet?

    4. What cut of meat do you serve here?

    5. How good is the quality of your photo prints?

    6. This drive-through won't take long, will it?

    7. These books any good?

    8. I assume you guys carry the normal, adult-style liquors, right?

    9. Can't wait to sample some of your delicious java!

    10. Would you describe your funeral home as a place of solemn reflection?

    11. You guys are all about a healthy lifestyle, right?

    12. What types of pets you got in there?

    13. Why are the joysticks in the arcade so sticky?

    14. You're 35 and you just saw a boob, eh?

    15. I heard you're not very good at saving lives here.

    16. You guys going out tonight?

    17. Why are the aisles so meticulously clean here?

    18. Would you say your store is fairly priced?

    19. Quick! What's the grossest pairing of words you can think of to describe a penis?

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