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    22 Signs That Definitely Have A Funny Story Behind Them

    What transpired here?

    1. But the fifth graders are good to go?

    2. Not every door leads outside, kids.

    3. Bees?!

    4. Ok, who left a baby in here?

    5. They prefer uppers.

    6. How do you expect me to get any work done now?

    7. That explains all the naked dudes in flipflops.

    8. Well there goes my entire day.

    9. And please please please do not test them out on the melons.

    10. And remember to eat daily.

    11. Only took three pantsless guys for us to make this sign.

    12. Someone very brave or completely desperate is responsible for this.

    13. Feel free to wash it, just not here.

    14. We got sick of the "splat" sound we heard five times a day.

    15. What are you, INSANE?

    16. "Ticket Office" is not a metaphor, men.

    17. For once think of how the mops feel.

    18. This is a formal library. Bow-tie pasta only.

    19. It's a nightmare explaining the blood stains to our future guests.

    20. Your child is like a fun-sized candy bar to these zoo animals.

    21. Stop! Put those tortilla chips down.

    22. This nursing home is no fun.

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