16 Reasons To Play Every Game Against A Child

Hint: You’ll win every time.

1. This is how bad they are at batting when there’s not even a ball coming.


2. You don’t even need to be good at defense. They defend themselves.

3. They completely fold under pressure.

4. They’re useless at swimming.


5. Or around pools in general.


6. They are severely uncoordinated.


7. They just can’t seem to nail down the fundamentals.

8. They overestimate their own abilities.


9. Seriously, hide-and-seek shouldn’t be this easy.

10. They’re too timid on the playing field.


11. And they’re easily distracted.


12. Most of them don’t even know the rules!

13. They basically score points on themselves.

14. Because they’re never paying attention.


15. But even if they are paying attention, their timing is horrible.

16. On second thought…maybe don’t play games against kids.

Sure, you’ll win every time. But you might lose a lot in the process.

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