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    21 Reasons To Be Grateful You're No Longer A Teen

    Feeling old? At least you don't have a bedtime.

    1. Your punishments were a lot more cruel and unusual.

    2. You had curfews.

    3. Dealing with zits was endless.

    4. Your parents constantly embarrassed you.

    5. Life was either too hard...

    6. ...Or painfully boring.

    7. You were stuck in an awkward phase in your life.

    8. You weren't old enough to buy alcohol.

    9. ...And even if you were, you hadn't learned to handle it yet.

    10. So you were constantly sneaking around.

    11. Which might explain why you felt generally angsty all the time.

    12. You had to rely on your parents for rides.

    13. And financial support.

    14. School fried your brain.

    15. Hormones fried whatever was left of your brain.

    16. You just wanted to be in control of your own life!

    17. But instead you spent your days learning stuff you didn't care about.

    18. Or writing papers on subjects you didn't care about.

    19. Or being forced to do things you didn't care about.

    20. So don't feel bad that you're getting older.

    21. Because you'll never look like this again: