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37 Reasons Bobby Moynihan Deserves To Have The Best 37th Birthday Ever

What would Saturday Night Live be without him?

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1. Bobby Moynihan is a gift from the gods to bring light and laughter into our lives every Saturday night.

NBC / Via

2. He's a better Christie than Christie.

3. He's a better Snooki than Snooki.

4. He's a better Rob Ford than Rob Ford.

NBC / Via

5. He looks goddamn adorable bear-hugging Big Bird.

6. And snuggling a fuzzy-wuzzy kitten.

7. He is a triple threat: Actor, comedian, and triple-gold-medal figure skater.

NBC / Via

8. One time he dressed up like a pig and danced with Melissa McCarthy and the world stopped spinning for a second.

9. He summarized our generation in a single sentence better than any 15,000-word op-ed ever could:

10. His honesty puts George Washington's cherry tree malarky to shame. SHAME.

11. He's incredibly persuasive (especially when wielding giant knives in tiny overalls).

12. He's adventurous!

13. Look how adorable he's going to look when he's old:

14. Look how adorable he looked in high school:*

*Dramatic recreation, not actual footage.

15. Look how adorable he is AS A DOG:

16. He somehow manages to make Fox anchors seem likable. With ACTING!

17. It might have been for a skit, but he literally said these words to Adam Levine:

18. We can all agree this was peak "Wrecking Ball":

19. He's a world-class ball buster.

20. One time Taran Killam surprised him on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and the world's climate increased a full degree from all the warm fuzzies it gave the audience.

21. He literally outshines Justin Bieber.

22. He gives Lady Gaga a run for her money.

23. Who even is Drake? WHO EVEN IS HE WHEN BOBBY'S THERE?

NBC / Via

24. Can I ask you a question? Did you even notice Beyoncé in this photo?

25. Seriously! Be honest with yourself for one measly second: Bobby's an equal if not better dancer than Justin Timberlake.

26. This was some of the greatest silent acting of all time. Oscar, take note!

27. The man is on fire.

NBC / Via

28. He has the concentration of a tightrope walker on Adderall.

NBC / Via

29. He's not afraid to say how he feels.

30. He stands up for what he believes in, even if it's not "cool."

31. He's a total optimist in a dark, cynical world.

32. And he's incredibly, outrageously dedicated.

33. But mostly he just says funny things.

34. Or does funny things.

35. Or yells funny things.

36. Or does whatever this is:

NBC / Via

37. And the world—nay, universe!—would be lost without him. Happy birthday, Bobby!

NBC / Via

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