Why Lifeguarding Is The Best And Worst Job Ever


1. Pro: You get paid to tan, essentially.

Con: You have the worst tan lines of all time.

2. Pro: You get to rock sweet lifeguard swag.


Con: If you wear it outside of work everyone expects you to intervene in crises.

3. Pro: You get to take a lot of unexpected breaks.

Con: It’s usually because someone shat in the pool.

4. Pro: You have the ability to save LIVES.

Con: You might have to actually save a life.

5. Pro: Kids at the pool are a great source of entertainment.

Con: Kids are the worst.

6. Pro: If it rains hard enough, you don’t have to work!

Con: If you don’t work, you don’t get paid.

7. Pro: You get to stare at people wearing bathing suits all day long.

Con: That’s not always a good thing.

8. Pro: Guard Parties

Con: Lifeguarding with a hangover.

9. Pro: On nice days you’re psyched to be outside.

Con: So is everyone else…

10. Pro: On crappy days you know you won’t be busy at work.


Con: It’s sooooo boring.


11. Pro: Bossing people around is super awesome!

Con: Bossing your friends’ parents around is not super awesome.


12. Pro: You get to go swimming on your breaks, which is what you’d be doing anyway.


Con: You smell like chlorine for an entire summer.

13. Pro: All the concession stand snacks your stomach can handle, FREE*!

*(Or discount, depending on where you work or how good of friends you are with the snack stand workers).

Con: It’s arguably the worst time of the year to be carbo-loading.

14. Pro: If you save someone who is drowning everyone thinks you’re a hero.

Con: If you save someone who isn’t drowning everyone thinks you’re insane.

15. Pro: Hanging with your friends all summer! Seriously, this is the most fun job EVER!


17. Pro: It really is the best way to spend your summer.

Con: The summer always goes too fast!

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