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22 Reasons Having A Brother Seems Awesome

May I please have one? I promise to take good care of him and walk him every day.

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1. I've never had a brother, but I imagine they are like little angels sent from above to make sure your life is full happiness.

2. I've heard their hearts are twice as large as normal human hearts because they have so much love to give.

3. They are, scientifically speaking, the most supportive organisms on our great green earth.

4. It should be part of the U.S. Constitution that every president has to have a brother since they set such incredible examples of leadership and understanding.

5. Even when they're young, brothers are like tiny Buddhas: measured, patient, and calm.

6. I bet psychologists are stumped as to how they are able to make such well informed decisions at such young ages.

7. They're incredible lovers of life and they inspire everyone they touch.

8. Their brains are physically incapable of creating mean-spirited thoughts.

9. Historically, brothers are the bravest people ever born. They're braver than Spartan soldiers or space explorers or ANYONE.

10. Brothers aren't weird.

11. They never ever do weird things.

12. In fact, they are the opposite of weird. They are so normal it can sometimes be a teensy bit boring.

13. But really, brothers are the epitome of "cool."

14. In the history of our universe, brothers have never done a single embarrassing thing.

15. It's incredibly impressive when you consider how many brothers there are, how many opportunities there are to embarrass themselves, and how it's never happened. Not even once.

16. They have "grace" and "class" written into their very DNA.

17. Their style is timeless.

18. It put yours to shame.

19. SHAME.

20. Which is why we should all make it our life's mission to be more like them.

21. Even if you're like me and don't have a brother. Go into the world, find a brother, model your life after his.

22. You won't regret it.

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