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Ranking Every Hat Frank Rossitano Wears On "30 Rock"

Seven seasons, 198 hats, one Frank Rossitano.

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135. Game Changer

(Episode 3-17)—I like to imagine all he's talking about here is that moment while playing video games where you have to stand up, walk over to the console, and put in a new game.

127. Kung Fu Beech

(Episode 1-8)—Beech, as in the tree? Beech, as in a purposeful misspelling of "beach"? Beech, as in a vaguely racist pronunciation of "bitch"? You're a mystery, Mr. Rossitano.

112. Ninja Expert

(Episode 1-1)—The first time we lay eyes on this lovable meatball of a man he's wearing this hat. Was he really a ninja expert? Anything was possible back then.