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17 Questions People With Permanent Bags Under Their Eyes Are Sick Of Hearing

I woke up like dis. And yes, I slept the appropriate human amount.

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1. "Have you slept at all this year?"

2. "Oh my god, did someone punch you in both your eyes?"

3. "Are you literally on heroin?"

4. "Have you been rubbing your eyes with rocks or something?"

5. "Are you getting sick? With ebola?"

6. "So do you only suck blood for nourishment or do you incorporate solid foods into your diet too?"

7. "Are both of your biological parents raccoons or just one?"

8. "When you fly do you have to pay extra to check those bags?"

9. "Does the grocery store give you 20 cents off for bringing your own bags?"

10. "Nice eye bags, are they designer?"

11. "Have you tried using concealer? Or, like, spackle?"

12. "What's it like being an actual dead person?"

13. "Have you ever tried putting cucumbers on your eyes? Not to get rid of the puffiness, just to cover them up so we don't have to see them."

14. "I haven't seen this many dark circles since the movie Signs, am I right?"

15. "You know they have procedures to get rid of those things? I think it's called 'decapitation.'"

16. "You do realize that just because something looks cute on a panda doesn't mean it looks cute on everyone, right?"

17. "But seriously, are you ok?"

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