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    19 Questions New Yorkers Ask When Visiting Los Angeles

    Who's DDing tonight?

    1. First of all: WHERE EVEN AM I?

    2. Why can't I find a bagel place that's not a chain restaurant?

    3. How am I going to get home from after-work drinks?

    4. How in god's green earth is this a "deep dish pizza"?

    5. How have I managed to eat a burrito for every meal today?

    6. Why is everyone wearing a coat in 65 degree weather?

    7. How come no one told me palm trees are so goddamn tall?

    8. Why is everyone wearing yoga pants but never doing yoga?

    9. Are people seriously using umbrellas in FOG?

    10. Why does everything come with a salad?

    11. Why is everyone drinking green goop?

    12. Does anyone here understand the functionality of a scarf?

    13. Are you guys for serious with this jaywalking nonsense?

    14. Does literally everyone skate?

    15. Is it state mandated that every grandma has to wear a tracksuit?

    16. How come everyone I meet is either a writer, an actor, or both?

    17. When are you guys getting a subway?

    18. Is it ever not perfect out?

    19. Why do I still live in New York?