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    Proof That Kuzco Is The Realest Disney Prince There Ever Was

    Boom, baby.

    The man knows how to make an entrance.

    He gets stuff done.

    But still makes time for himself.

    He's not afraid of his own emotions.

    Kid's got moves.

    And a taste for sarcasm.

    He's got THE BEST burns.

    And he can throw shade better than anyone.

    He's pretty much ready for anything.

    But sometimes he gets overwhelmed. He's only human! (Or llama).

    He's not afraid to celebrate personal victories.

    Or flatter to get what he wants.

    Yeah, sometimes he gets a little self conscious.

    Or generally unsure of himself.

    And his mouth often gets him into trouble.

    The truth is, he knows what he wants.

    And he ain't got time for nonsense.

    Because he's too busy keepin' it real.

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