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    15 Precise Moments Someone's Childhood Ended

    RIP youth.

    1. Goodbye, childhood.

    2. Goodbye, kickball and spelling tests.

    3. Goodbye, sleepovers and cartoons.

    4. Goodbye, french braids and light-up shoes.

    5. Fare the well, childhood.

    6. Gone are the days of push-up pops

    7. Of freeze tag.

    8. Of super hero lunch boxes.

    9. I barely knew thee, childhood.

    10. No longer may I delight in your gel pens.

    11. Or your pet geckos.

    12. Or your lightning bug lanterns.

    13. I do not have time for one more bedtime story.

    14. I must go, childhood.

    15. Adulthood beckons.

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